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A Manual for Marco (for siblings of children on the spectrum)*

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  • This charming book is perfect for children with siblings who are on the spectrum
  • The warm illustrations and clear text make it easy for children to read and enjoy
  • Written with sensitivity and humor, this book will quickly become a favorite

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By Shaila Abdullah

This charming book tells the story of an 8 year old girl who decides to make a list of all the things she likes and dislikes about dealing with her autistic brother, and in doing so she realizes she has made A Manual for Marco.

"Through her genuine and caring accounts about growing up with an older,
autistic brother, this 8-year-old also shows her love for her sibling who is special but sometimes does things that are not-so-special. I highly recommend this book written with sensitivity and beautifully illustrated."

--Lorna d'Entremont, M.Ed., Special Needs Book Review

About the Author:

Shaila Abdullah is an award-winning author and designer based in Austin, Texas. She has written four other books: Saffron Dreams, Beyond the Cayenne Wall, My Friend Suhana, and Rani in Search of a Rainbow. Along with illustrations by the author, A Manual for Marco also includes artwork by Iman Tejpar, a 12 year old Canadian artist.

36 pages, 8.5 x .01 x 8.5 inches, color illustrations, paperback.