10 lbs of Colored Shape-It Sand (Formerly known as Moon Sand)

10 lbs of Colored Shape-It Sand (Formerly known as Moon Sand)

Product Number : 651794000-1

  • Our best-selling moldable sand
  • Shape-it Sand's firm texture makes it ideal for sand-tray play
  • It has all of the properties of wet sand, without the water
  • Allows for better and more creative expression, while being easier to work with


Please note that color selection varies with availabilitycurrently available colors are listed below.

This is the most amazing product to hit the therapy market in years! Shape-It Sand acts just like wet sand, but never dries out. It is treated with a binding agent that makes the sand have the quality and feel of wet sand. But there's no water!

Shape-It sand can be molded, shaped and sculpted. Because there is no water clean up is easy.

Moldable sand allows your clients to explore even greater possibilites in their work.

We have hundreds of sandtray toys.

We have sandtrays and books.

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