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Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children: Creative Ideas for Therapy, Life Story Work, Direct Work and Parenting

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  • Great resource utilizing storytelling to connect with traumatized children
  • Includes 21 stories categorized by common psychological issues
  • Each story is equipped with advice on how to specialize information to a specific child

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By Kim S. Golding, Illustrated by Julia MacConville, Forewords by Steve Killick and Dan Hughes. Recommended for professionals working with children aged 4-16.

Psychologist Kim S. Golding shows how you can use stories to build connections with children aged 416 and support their recovery from trauma and stress. She illustrates the techniques with 21 stories adapted from her own clinical work with children and families, and explains how you can expand or adapt them to make them more relevant for a particular child. Advice and stories are arranged into sections dealing with common psychological issues, including looking back and moving on, lack of trust and need for attention. Golding also gives invaluable tips for planning stories and life story work, and for story making with children. She also describes how stories can be used therapeutically with parents of traumatized children and as a tool for self-reflection by counselors. Imaginative and practical, this book will be enormously useful for counselors, psychologists, therapists and social workers working with traumatized children, and will also be helpful for parents and carers involved in therapeutic parenting.

208 pages, 9.25in x 6 in, black and white illustrations, softcover

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