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All Four Out of This World Comics

Product Number : 117351500

  • A psycho-educational, therapeutic tool designed for experiential work with children and adolescents (grades 3-12)
  • 4 FULL-COLOR comic book issues
  • Children will learn to emulate the positive behaviors the characters exhibit

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This series is a psycho-educational, therapeutic tool designed for experential work with children and adolescents (grades 3-12). The goal is for the child / adolescent to be excited about the characters and the fantastic world in which they live. By reading the stories and sharing with peers, they will learn to emulate the characters, and most importantly, emulate the positive behaviors. This series currently includes 4 FULL-COLOR comic book issues:


Face to Face with X-35 the Power of Anger Management: This booklet is part of the Out Of This World guidance series for kids. The series uses a colorful, science fiction, comic book format with activity pages to help kids learn important guidance lessons they will enjoy and want to share with their friends. In this issue, we find Max and his companions confronted with a gigantic robot named X-35 who has lost control of his anger, damaging anything in his path. Max takes control of the situation by confronting X-35 and begins teaching him anger management techniques in order to calm him down.

Tiglos vs. Secc Ma The Courage to Stop a Bully: In this issue: After being captured by Secca Ma, Max and the gang have to find a way to break out of the compound in which they are being held. Meanwhile, Tiglos is questioned by Secca Ma and we find out that they used to be good friends. Until Secca Ma began bullying Tiglos that is. Along with Tiglos, the reader will learn new techniques to cope with bullying through the activities and discussions.

Hey Max...Pay Attention! The Importance of ConcentrationMax struggles to master distraction and learn the importance of concentration. In issue #3, Max is put in charge of an important job. Although the job is important, Max finds out its boring and becomes easily distracted and makes a big mistake! Now he must learn to cope with his mistake and learn how to keep concentrating even when he doesnt feel like it. Kids will work through 6 Lessons.

Max Strives for Success! Victory Through Motivation: In issue #4, Max is still upset regarding the big mistake he made when he failed to pay attention. Now he wants to make things right! However, finding the answer to the next problem is almost more than he can handle. Max learns how preparing and being motivated helps him find success. Kids will work through 6 Lessons: