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Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT): A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model

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  • Presents an overview of filial therapy training and then filial therapy processes
  • Explains the basic approach to filial therapy
  • Addresses filial therapy with special populations and in special settings
  • Covers variations of the ten-session model

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Ed. D., Garry L. Landreth, Ph.D., Sue C. Bratton

This book offers a survey of the historical and theoretical development of the filial therapy approach and presents an overview of filial therapy training and then filial therapy processes. The basic approach of filial therapy is to train parents to act as therapeutic agents with their own children through a structured format of didactic instruction, demonstration play sessions, required at-home laboratory play sessions, and supervision in a supportive atmosphere. The book will also include a transcript of an actual session, answers to common questions raised by parents, children, and therapists, as well as additional resources and research summaries. Additional chapters will address filial therapy with special populations, filial therapy in special settings, and perhaps the most useful resource for busy therapists and parents, a chapter will cover variations of the ten-session model, to allow for work with individual parents, training via telephone, and time-intensive or time-extended schedules.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Preface. History, Development and Unique Features of Filial Therapy. Rationale and Basic Premises for Filial Therapy. Training and Supervision of Filial Therapists. Critical Components in Facilitating the Process of Filial Therapy Training. Filial Skills, Concepts, and Attitudes to be Taught. The Filial Therapy Process. Filial Therapy Training Session 1: Training Objectives and Reflective. Filial Therapy Training Session 2: Basic Principles for Play Sessions. Filial Therapy Training Session 3: Parent-child Play Session Skills. Filial Therapy Training Session 4: Supervision Format and Limit Setting. Filial Therapy Training Session 5: Play Session Skills Review. Filial Therapy Training Session 6: Supervision and Choice Giving. Filial Therapy Training Session 7: Supervision and Self-Esteem Building. Filial Therapy Training Session 8: Supervision and Encouragement vs. Praise. Filial Therapy Training Session 9: Supervision and Generalizing Skills. Filial Therapy Training Session 10: Evaluation and Summing Up. Case of Debbie and 4 yr. Old Rachel. Questions Parents and Children Ask, and Problems and Solutions in Filial Therapy Training. A Mother's Perspective on Filial Therapy: Learning About My Child and Myself. Variations of the 10-session Filial Therapy Model. Research Support for 10-Session Filial Therapy Model. Resources for Child-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Therapy: A 10-Session Filial Therapy.

Hard Cover, 512 pages