Mis Grandes Ideas: Sentence Completion Card Game
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Mis Grandes Ideas: Sentence Completion Card Game

Product Number : 101E91800

  • Fun and unique game that covers self-esteem, family, social relationships and more
  • These cards help children to communicate their feelings and increase their self-worth
  • Only available in Spanish
  • Ages 3 and up

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A sentence completion card game. The game includes 34 sentence cards designed to facilitate childrens expression of feeling and thoughts. The cards cover a variety of themes, including self-esteem, family, social relationships, etc. This card game is an excellent, original and entertaining tool for parents and professionals who work with children.

This card game has been created as a tool to develop creativity and communication skills for children and also to help increase childrens feelings of self worth. The cards facilitate childrens communication and expression of their thoughts and feelings. The cards can be used with children of any age, in a clinical, educational or family context.

Available only in Spanish
Age: From 3 years old and up.


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