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City Transportation Wall Panel

Product Number : 109E52400

  • This beautifully illustrated wall panel teaches children about traffic while also improving their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more
  • Measures 20 x 27 x 2
  • Save space with this wall-mounted design

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Children are endlessly entertained as they move the cars and boats to get around the busy city. Wooden figures include boats, a school bus, ice cream truck, fire engine, ambulance, garbage truck, mail truck,taxi, police car, and city bus. While children guide the pieces along the paths to get to their various destinations, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, and sensori-motor skills are challenged. Kids experience the excitement of city life while playing with this panel!

Great for children's rooms, schools, play areas, and waiting rooms! No loose pieces.

* Ages 3+

* Dimensions: 20x 27x 2