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Counseling With Color: Creative Activities for Helping Children (with CD)

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  • A great resource full of coloring and activity pages
  • 44 reproducible activity pages, and a CD with interactive activities
  • Great for the classroom

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By Anthony Pearson and Robert Bowman

Counseling With Color is a tool that can be used to help children discover, share and explore their inner worlds. Visual arts of many kinds provide opportunities for counselors to view through newly opened windows into children's experiences, perceptions and beliefs. This resource provides coloring-based visual arts activities that can be used in counseling children. It includes instructions and recommendations for using 44 reproducible activity pages that will tap children's imaginations.

Print & Color: Each page can be photocopied from the book or printed from the CD

Digital Interactive: The CD also contains an interactive version of each activity page that can be colored using the digital color-palette at the bottom of the page. Each creation can then be saved or printed! This option can be used on a computer or a digital whiteboard.

Image types include:

-Emotive Designs

-Scene Finishing

-Color the Feeling Faces (& Places)

-Show Where the Feeling Is

-The Magic Mirrors

-Graph/Chart My Feelings

64 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, black and white illustrations, paperback

About the Authors:

Anthony Pearson, Ed.S is an elementary school counselor in Cobb County, Georgia. He authored the book Guidance with Good Measure which provides classroom guidance lessons, each with an instrument measuring its effectiveness on young people. He was a finalist by the American School Counselors Association for School Counselor of the Year. He also works with children and families through his private practice.

Anthony is deeply committed to helping young people to learn the insights and skills they will need to be successful in school and in life. He has a particular interest in collecting and developing unforgettable, hands-on lessons that will help counselors and other professionals maximize their work with children.

Robert P. Bowman, Ph.D. is recognized as a prolific creator of unusual, effective approaches and programs for helping challenging young people. Currently, Dr. Bowman continues his work as a developer of evidence-based practices that are effective when all else fails with defiant, oppositional young people.

Dr. Bowman has published more than 25 books and other resources related to motivating unmotivated students, youth peer intervention strategies and personal strength/positive psychology practices. He is a motivational speaker who has conducted keynote presentations and seminars internationally.

Dr. Bowman is an Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of South Carolina. He is also cofounder and president of YouthLight, Inc, a publishing company that develops resources for professionals working to help young people grow socially, emotionally and academically.