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*Ditzabled Princess: A Comical Diary*

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  • This fun book is written as a diary of Jewel, who is a fun-loving diva who sees her disability as a perk
  • Written as a comic book with a positive message
  • Ages 13 and up

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By Jewel Kats, Illustrated by Katarina Andriopoulos.  Suggested for readers age 15+.

Jewel at 33 is a Princess in her own right. She's a fun-loving, demanding Diva who loves to shop as much she loves to write. Jewel is the apple of everyone's eye--be it her doting family, her doctor for her never-ending bowel issues, her pushy book editor and especially her frugal husband's soft spot. So, what's Jewel 's weakness? Her pet dogs: Snowie and Dolly. Particularly, naughty Snowie who is known to pee wherever he fancies--including Dolly's face! For Jewel, her physical disability doesn't dampen her spirits. Rather, it enhances them. She gets to use an unusual fashion accessory (Imagine: A hot pink elbow crutch.) She gets out of doing housework. She gets carried up-and-down stairs like a Princess a la command. Jewel may be horribly messy, terrible with numbers and a workaholic, but nobody can imagine life without her. Not that she would let them, anyway! She has a big mouth, remember?

72 Pages, 6.1 x 0.1 x 9.2 inches, Color Illustrations, Softcover.