Nobody Looks Good In Stripes: A Book About Fighting*
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Nobody Looks Good In Stripes: A Book About Fighting*

Product Number : 15102R31508

  • Fun rhyming book designed to teach children why it is important not to fight with one another
  • Uses humor to teach that prevention eliminates tension, and gives children ways to respond rather than just react to conflict
  • Ages 5-12

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By Shawn Jones, Ages 5-12

 This rhyming book gives many reasons to explain why fighting is out of season. Reasons such as no one looks good in stripes, and someone is always tougher than you. Explore fight prevention strategies that eliminate tensions through using body language, words, actions, tone of voice and respect.

42 pages, 6 x 9, color illustrations, paperback.

 About the Author: Shawn Jones Shawn Jones has a Master's Degree in school counseling. She has worked as both a school counselor and elementary school teacher. Her books include I Am NOT Telling, I Am Not Telling Teacher Edition, Shrinking Belly and Happy Belly. Also she has published a game, Escape From Loneliness Island, under the name Shawn Boman.

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