Nina Tiene Dos Hogares*
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Nina Tiene Dos Hogares*

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  • This book is fully in Spanish, and is a wonderful tool to help children learn how to cope with their parent's divorce
  • Includes a helpful introduction and advice section for parents
  • A must for any child with parents going through a divorce

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By Danielle Jacobs

Completely in Spanish.

If you are a divorced parent with young children, your child(ren) need this book. Young children can have intense feelings, but they don't possess the words or the mental capacity to express how they feel. This can result in behavioral problems and regressive behavior. Reading this book to the child helps parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists talk with children about their feelings regarding the separation of their parents. It also gives adults more insight in the emotional world of the child. Children can identify with the main character, Nina, who experiences emotions and expresses thoughts they may recognize in themselves. It gives words to feelings and thoughts that they are too young to express. This has a therapeutic effect on children who are going through the turmoil of a divorce. Many parents have questions on how to approach their child regarding divorce-related issues. Many helpful tips are included to help parents deal with important issues.

About the Author:

Danielle Jacobs is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a qualified Parenting Coordinator. She is originally from the Netherlands, where she is licensed as a Health-care Psychologist specializing in developmental psychology. She resides in South Florida, with her husband and young daughter. As a teenager, Jacobs experienced the high-conflict-divorce of her parents, and as an adult she worked as a behavioral expert for Child Protection Services in the Netherlands, becoming an advocate for young children in need of a voice. As a consultant she educated and advised professionals working with parents and children caught in high-conflict divorce cases. She currently has a private practice in North Miami Beach, Florida. Through her studies, work, and experience, Jacobs has become an expert on the effects of divorce for children and their parents.

46 pages, 8.5 x 8.5 x .1 inches, color illustrations, paperback.

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