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The Self-Esteem Game

Product Number : 908391400

  • An excellent game that teaches children how to feel good about who they are as an individual
  • Developed by Michael R. Sheehan Ph.D.
  • A must for any game collection
  • Appropriate for ages eight and up, for 2-4 players

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Healthy Self-Esteem is of critical importance to the development and well being of both children and adults. Most of our belief systems about ourselves, whether we perceive ourselves as good or bad people, are learned unconsciously when we are children. Play serves as a child's most individualized form of self-expression. There is no other manner by which a child's thoughts, feelings, and actions can take form so spontaneously or creatively.

With The Self-Esteem Game we can enter a child's belief system through game play. All to often kids focus their attention on the negative things that are being said about them. The Self-Esteem Game allows children to learn to think of themselves as precious, valuable, human beings that deserve to feel good about themselves while having fun. In addition, many cards focus on being responsible for your own behavior and accepting the consequences of your actions.

The Self-Esteem Game was developed by Michael R. Sheehan Ph.D., a clinical psychologist to assist parents, teachers, and therapists in teaching the principals of healthy self-esteem. The Self-Esteem Game is really too good a tool for use just in therapy and counseling situations. Every kid ought to be exposed to a game that teaches him or her how to feel good about who they are as an individual.

Ages: 8+