Honey Bear Died (coping with death)

Honey Bear Died (coping with death)

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By Jennifer E Melvin and illustrated by Kerry DeBay
Death is a difficult concept to understand at any age, especially for children. Even more difficult is finding the right words to say to a child. Honey Bear Died provides warm, simple illustrations and a text that allows parents and caregivers to insert the loved one's name right into the story. This makes Honey Bear Died a warm and comfortable tool to use as a guide when talking to young children about death.
Helping children develop a healthy concept about death is vital to their growth into healthy adults. Through her extensive work with children and families who have lost loved ones, Jennifer Melvin has created a warm and comfortable tool for parents to use as a guide when talking to their children about death. Every parent should have this as part of their educational library. Cheryl Godbout, M.S., C.F.S.P. Funeral Home General Manager
This touched my heart in many ways. This book is so, so needed; it’s simple words put together to help make a complicated situation more bearable. As an adult we cannot understand how a loved one so dear to a child can be taken away...this book helps with simple but wise explanation for children to understand their loss.
Kimberly DeOrsey Widow & Mother of children ages 3, 5 and 13
Very young children understand death quite differently than adults do, but in a way that is extraordinarily unique to their age and developmental level. They think in very specific, concrete terms, and they want and need to be told the truth in order to understand. The simplicity of the language and the repetitiveness children love make Jennifer Melvin’s poignant book, Honey Bear Died, an invaluable resource for helping children understand death and grief on their level. It is a must-have for families dealing with a death, for schools’ and children’s libraries, and for professionals who work with young children.
Susan Poncy, MSW Lower and Middle School Director of Student Services
Death is a difficult concept to understand at any age, especially for children. Even more difficult is finding the right words to say to a child in order to meet their developmental needs. Jennifer Melvin has had years of experience through her work with bereaved children and adults developing and fine-tuning the language necessary for this kind of conversation. Honey Bear Died is just the right resource for parents and professionals, for when they are at a loss for words. Jean Godfrey, LMHC Hospice Psychosocialworker and Children’s grief support group facilitator
About the Author:
Jennifer E. Melvin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Bereavement Facilitator, a Certified Trauma and Loss Specialist, and is a trained professional in death, dying and bereavement with a Certification in Thanatology. Jennifer has a background in mental health, chronic/terminal illness and life transitions with years of experience specializing in clinical and supportive grief & loss services for children, teens and families.

Paperback, 24 pages, color illustrations, 8.5 x 11 inches,for ages 3-5 years old

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