b-Calm AudioSedation System (for ADHD, AUTISM, PDD)

b-Calm AudioSedation System (for ADHD, AUTISM, PDD)

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The b-Calm system can be used with any child experiencing distractibility. It uses a complex blend of sounds specifically designed to mask these distracting noises in the home or classroom. This device functions as an “acoustic shield” allowing control of the sound environment, reducing off task behaviors and irritability. Unlike music which can actually cause distraction, the b-Calm™ system provides relief from the negative effects of noise.
For many students who cope with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) school is a struggle.  Sounds that are typically ignored or unnoticed are often the source of stress, confusion and distraction for students with ADHD and ASD. The b-Calm system provides a number of benefits for these children.
Benefits Include:
·         Reduces perception of distracting home & classroom noises
·         Help students remain calm and focused during independent work
·         Non-invasive intervention
·         Relieves stress and anxiety caused from noise
System Includes:
·        Personal Media Player
·        1 pair Over-the-head headphones
·         1 pair earbud style headphones
·         Preloaded AudioSedation Tracks include the following (plus 10 additional tracks)**:
o   Spring Rain
o   Summer Forest
o   Tropical Beach
o   Sunday Drive  
·         Simple to use controls and functions
·         Built in rechargeable battery
·         Media Player can be uploaded with additional audio and video files for additional classroom use.

Includes durable carrying case.

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